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The cowdung, revered as a sacred element in various traditions, is sculpted with utmost care to create a base that represents purity and prosperity, mirroring the sanctity associated with Goddess Lakshmi.

Embrace the essence of tradition and spirituality with our exquisite Handmade Cowdung Wall Clock, meticulously crafted with reverence to Goddess Lakshmi who resides in cowdung.

This timepiece is more than decor; it’s a connection to our roots, a testament to the richness of Indian culture and spirituality. Each stroke and curve in its design reflects the dedication of artisans in bringing you a piece that transcends mere functionality to become an embodiment of reverence and beauty.

Hang this Handmade Cowdung Wall Clock in your home, office, or sacred space to invite the divine blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Let it not just tell time but weave a narrative of tradition, luck, and spirituality into your surroundings.

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